vrijdag 8 november 2013


REVIEW: Babyliss iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry) and iPRo 230 (straight&shape)

I am going to review the following straightners: - iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry) - iPRo 230 230 (straight&shape) Since I have superduper straight hair, I am going to test both of them on my friends! This is the iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry)
It costs about €79,99. It has big wide plates, which make them perfect for longer hair. You can set it into different temperatures: from 130 up to 230 degrees. Ionic is a new technic, which means that your hair wont be static. It also has a cheramic plate, which means it warms up quicly and that gets all your hairs evenly straight. You can also use it when your hair is still wet, thanks to the evaporation system. My friends hair is really dry and damaged, so we didn't use the hottest setting but a few lower.
Here you can see before and after. I think the results are great eventhough we didn't use the highest temperature. It heated up in a few seconds and we had her hair straight in a few minutes. It also gives her hair a bit of a glow as you can see. This is the iPRo 230 (straight&shape).
This one costs about €69,99. The plates are a bit more narrow. You can also set this one into different temperatures up to 230 degrees. Here we chose to set it up to 230 degrees to see if it made any difference in the results. This one also heated up in a few seconds.
As you can see this one also provided great results. I don't think temperature really matters. They both got straight quickly and in a nice way. We where very positive about both straightners. They heat up very quickly, so even if your in a hurry you can get this done in no time. The choice of different temperatures makes them appropriate for every hairtype and it gives your hair a nice glow.


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vrijdag 26 april 2013

HOT: cutout boots

Source: Nasty Gal

If you're looking for a cool grungy look, you'll probably like the Cut Out Boots. You can combine them endlessly to create the look you love. I think they look great with shorts, skirts, dresses and skinny jeans (I've just summed up my own wardrobe haha): be as creative as you like. I bought one pair at River Island, and they are so comfortable and I could wear them with anything.

Now I'm having my eyes pinned at some beautiful white cut out biker boots. Normally I'm not a big fan of white. But since they're looking really cool, they're on my wishlist now. Since the weather isn't helping me (it's so cold and rainy out here) I'm still wearing tights with my shorts and dresses, so... Come on, spring! Where yout at?

Mine :) Source: River Island
Source: River Island

donderdag 25 april 2013


The dungarees are making a big comeback this season. Since summer is coming up, I think it's great that you can show your legs in a comfy, different way. The dungarees come up with shorts, or as a dress. I think it looks lovely if you dress them up with a crop top. You can also wear all kinds of shoes with them. Heels or flats, they match with every mood you're in. They are definately on my wishlist for this summer. Now let the sun shine! Please?

Source: Missguided
Source: Missguided
Source: Topshop
source: Asos


zondag 7 april 2013

Secretly a bit obsessed with the nineties..

Sinds ik met mijn nichten op een nineties feest ben geweest, weet ik het zeker: ik ben een fan. Ik ben dan wel een '90's kid', maar ik hield mij allesbehalve bezig met mode. Nu realiseer ik mij pas hoe gaaf ik de grungy stijl vind uit het tijdperk. Op mijn Pinterest heb ik een speciale 90's pagina aangemaakt, waar ik inspiratie uit kan halen. Ik ben dan ook blij dat de modebeelden van vandaag weer aardig lijken op dat uit de nineties.

Since I've been to a nineties party with my nieces, I'm sure of it: I'm a fan of the nineties. Well I am a 90's kid, but at that time, my head was somewhere else than fasionworld. Now I realise how much I like the grungy look. On my Pinterest I made a special page of the 90's, where I can get loads of inspiration from. I'm very happy that today's fashion is a lot like the nineties.

Source: tumblr.com via Marloes on Pinterest


Welkom op mijn blog! Mijn naam is Marloes, ik ben een 22-jarige student journalistiek en ik woon samen met mijn vriend in het 'zeer bruisende' Drachten. Vooralsnog kan ik mij hier prima vermaken. 
Ik kan mij de hele dag bezig houden met mode en alles wat ermee heeft te maken. Mijn kledingkast puilt inmiddels ook aardig uit. Ik zal hier vooral veel outfits posten en mode-items waaruit ik mijn inspiratie haal. Verder zal de tijd leren wat gepost zal worden.

Veel plezier!

First of all welcome to my blog! My name is Marloes, I'm a 22 year old journalism student, living in Drachten, a small town in the Netherlands. 'Small town' sounds pretty boring, but I enjoy living here, with my lover and surrounded by friends. Fashion keeps me busy most of the day. Therefore I will mainly post items about fashion like outfits of the day or fashion items that inspire me. 

Have fun!