vrijdag 26 april 2013

HOT: cutout boots

Source: Nasty Gal

If you're looking for a cool grungy look, you'll probably like the Cut Out Boots. You can combine them endlessly to create the look you love. I think they look great with shorts, skirts, dresses and skinny jeans (I've just summed up my own wardrobe haha): be as creative as you like. I bought one pair at River Island, and they are so comfortable and I could wear them with anything.

Now I'm having my eyes pinned at some beautiful white cut out biker boots. Normally I'm not a big fan of white. But since they're looking really cool, they're on my wishlist now. Since the weather isn't helping me (it's so cold and rainy out here) I'm still wearing tights with my shorts and dresses, so... Come on, spring! Where yout at?

Mine :) Source: River Island
Source: River Island