vrijdag 8 november 2013

REVIEW: Babyliss iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry) and iPRo 230 (straight&shape)

I am going to review the following straightners: - iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry) - iPRo 230 230 (straight&shape) Since I have superduper straight hair, I am going to test both of them on my friends! This is the iPRo 230 Ionic Ultimate (wet&dry)
It costs about €79,99. It has big wide plates, which make them perfect for longer hair. You can set it into different temperatures: from 130 up to 230 degrees. Ionic is a new technic, which means that your hair wont be static. It also has a cheramic plate, which means it warms up quicly and that gets all your hairs evenly straight. You can also use it when your hair is still wet, thanks to the evaporation system. My friends hair is really dry and damaged, so we didn't use the hottest setting but a few lower.
Here you can see before and after. I think the results are great eventhough we didn't use the highest temperature. It heated up in a few seconds and we had her hair straight in a few minutes. It also gives her hair a bit of a glow as you can see. This is the iPRo 230 (straight&shape).
This one costs about €69,99. The plates are a bit more narrow. You can also set this one into different temperatures up to 230 degrees. Here we chose to set it up to 230 degrees to see if it made any difference in the results. This one also heated up in a few seconds.
As you can see this one also provided great results. I don't think temperature really matters. They both got straight quickly and in a nice way. We where very positive about both straightners. They heat up very quickly, so even if your in a hurry you can get this done in no time. The choice of different temperatures makes them appropriate for every hairtype and it gives your hair a nice glow.